“Defending The Dream” Interview Series

Premiere Episode
Sanya discusses her return to the track from an injury shortened 2010 season and assesses her readiness after running her first 200-meter race since June of 2010 along with discussing the overall seasonal preparation for the World Championships. Bonus clips include Sanya reliving her recent honeymoon movie moments with her husband then New York Giants corner back Aaron Ross. (April 7, 2011)
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Champion's Challenge
Now facing the in-season real-time, arduous challenges of returning to the track from the injury-induced extended absence of 2010, Sanya discusses her performances thus far in the 2011 season as she prepares for the 200m and 400m events at the Golden Gala in Rome on May 26th. She speaks about her recent races in Jamaica and Penn Relays as well as the heightened level of overall competition this season in the women's 400 meter dash. The two-time gold medal Olympian also talks about her SRR Fast Track Foundation work and hair salon business venture. Always an ambassador for the sport, Sanya answers questions for high school students offering guidance to the future of the sport. (May 18, 2011)
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Double Dreams
Preparing for the USA Outdoor Championships, Sanya speaks about her hopes of qualifying for the U.S. Team in the 200-meter event for the opportunity to attempt the "two-four double" at the World Championships in Daegu, Korea. She discusses the highly competitive field of athletes and the challenge from Allyson Felix who also takes aim at the 400-meters in hopes of achieving her double. Includes cameo appearances by then New York Giants Aaron Ross and Olympian of The Century Carl Lewis. (June 22, 2011)
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The Finale: LIVE From Daegu
Live from Daegu, Korea, site of the 2011 IAAF World Championships, the final episode of Defending The Dream brings us right up to the minute with reigning 400-meter World Champion Sanya Richards-Ross as she prepares to defend of 400-meter World Title! After just recently setting the world's second fastest time of the season at 49.66, Sanya discusses her race-readiness and excitement for her 6th World Championships as well as the first-time mandatory drug testing for all athletes this year. (August 24, 2011)
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3/18/11 TCU Invitational 200m 23.06 1st
4/23/11 Michael Johnson Invitational 400m 52.00 1st
4/30/11 Penn Relays (split 51:18) 4x400m 3:22.92 1st
5/7/11 JN International Invitational 400m 51.62 5th
5/26/11 Golden Gala (Rome) 400m 50.98 5th
5/26/11 Golden Gala (Rome) 200m 22.88 5th
5/31/11 Golden Spike (Ostrava) 400m 50.99 3rd
6/4/11 Prefontaine Classic 400m 51.78 4th
6/23/11 USA Championships (heat) 400m 52.02 1st
6/25/11 USA Championships (heat) 200m 22.84 2nd
6/26/11 USA Championships (semi) 200m 22.82 3rd
6/26/11 USA Championships (final) 200m 22.68 7th
6/30/11 Athletissima (Lausanne) 400m 50.61 2nd
7/10/11 Aviva Birmingham Grand Prix 400m 51.11 4th
7/31/11 Istvan Gyulai Memorial Grand Prix 200m 22.63 2nd
8/6/11 Aviva Grand Prix (London) 400m 49.66 1st
8/27/11 World Championships (heat) 400m 51.37 1st
8/28/11 World Championships (semi) 400m 50.66 3rd
8/29/11 World Championships (final) 400m 51.32 7th
9/3/11 World Championships 4x400m 3:18.09 1st