Texans Twins – Dresdynn & Schuyler

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by Chris LaMonica
August 15, 2012

“High energy and jam packed,” is how Houston Texans cheerleader Dresdynn describes the new dance routines adding, “I‘m so excited [the fans] are going to get to see what we’ve been working on from April until now.”

Not alone in her enthusiasm, Dresdynn is joined by her identical twin sister Schuyler who echoes eagerly the anticipated 2012 Texans cheer season. “This year the fans are going to see a lot more high energy dances, more attitude, a little bit more variety then what we’re used to,” explains Schuyler.

As full time students who matriculate at the University of Houston, the native Victoria, Texas twins are set to begin their third season as a part of the Houston Texans Cheerleader squad.  As veteran members, the ladies have seen the up and downs of the relatively young franchise who last season made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.  “We we’re part of it and it was just exciting for everyone that was involved,” remarked the twins.

And becoming part of the squad involves an arduous four round selection process that twins most complete annually and maintain weekly.  “We have to make sure we’re dancing together, we’re doing the same movement; we’re hitting it the same way, our hair is the same, our make up is the same,” revealed Schuyler with Dresdynn reinforcing, “on tryout day we want to make sure we are identical in everything ... in every way.  We prepare all season for that tryout.”

And being identical twins, the girls enjoy the Reliant Stadium crowd’s fascinations with twins.  “You can see people’s reactions, their facial expressions when they’re trying to decipher which one is which, it’s really funny to watch,” laughed Dresdynn when asked as to their sideline fan experience.  Her sister finds equal amusement in seeing “how the fans dress and what they wear; some people come dressed out with face paint and costumes.”

And the red and blue ‘war face paint’ is highly visible when division revival, and of course the city’s former team, the Tennessee Titans come to the Bubble.  “It’s always an exciting game,” said Schuyler adding, “We always just want to stay on our toes and take it all in [and] of course you don’t want to lose to the Titans!”

But when the girls are not taking it all in at the game, they are going all out in the community.  “All the cheerleaders, we have to do forty appearance’s each year ... signings, radio, Habitat for Humanity … we do all sorts of things,” revealed the twins furthering gladly, “it’s a great way to go out and support the team … and give back to the city of Houston.”

And fans can help support the girls by being sure to pick up their Texans 2012 Swimsuit calendar here and get two for the price of one in April.  “We’re a package deal … we do everything together,” joked the twins.

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